Daily Prompt: Plop

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Plop, plop, plop, was all I could hear from my standing point at the corner of the room. Her tears knew no bound, it was like her organ had opened up a dam and a lot of water came rushing out, but this out-pouring was painful and I knew this because of how she kept pounding the ground and squeezing her hand on her clothes.

However this type of pain was different in the sense that it did not come as a result of something going into her or moving into her, but rather it was pain associated with something bad leaving and the realization that comes after that thing is gone. I stood there and watched as each tear poured out, I felt it too because she is a part of me and what I wanted for her was not what she wanted for herself before but the fact that she realized it now, brought about the realization of how much time was lost and this causes regrets and pain.

Plop, plop, plop, I sat and waited, waited and waited…. it suddenly stopped and she uttered those words which I longed to hear and in that moment, I knew that she had chosen not to live a life of strife because of the way her face lit up with peace. We have partnered together all these months and the changes she had to undergo and is still undergoing, is just so profound that others want it too.

This is the way it is with our spirits; when we live the wrong way, we weaken our spirit to the point where our spirts are so quiet that in the spiritual eyes of a person, our spirit appears dead and this is why our lives are a wreck most of the time. When you decide to live the way of your spirit, then how can you not enjoy, grow and fulfill the things your spirit is supposed to fulfill. When that realization comes to you, then you will hear that sound, plop, plop, plop… the sound of your tears.


Daily Prompt: Melody

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When I think about melody, the first thing that comes into my mind is music. Another definition for melody is speech intonation and that is a major part of musical lyrics. I had a melody in my heart when my first crush told me I am beautiful. Life is beatiful, despite what people say because if life was all bad, then why do we get melodies in our heart? Do not say you don’t get them because that is a flat out lie!

As a result of the bad things that happened to me in the past, I had a really hard time trusting people or even having confidence or self-esteem, but it all began to change when I ask Jesus to come into my life and stay with me; I experienced true happiness and there was a lot of melody in my heart that I would find myself humming tunes that sounded funny but i didn’t care. The other time was when I read in the book of Isiah, where the lord told me that he would give up the skies, countries for me, that I am precious to him and that he loves me, my oh my, the joy I felt that day, brought melodies to my heart that I was laughing and crying at the same time.

Melodies are beautiful because it comes from peace and happiness. We all need melodies in our heart because it can keep you healthy literally, so find something that will always give you melody. In my opinion, get on your knees, mean it from your heart and ask the lord for his presence in your life and i promise you that it will be the best decision you will ever make in this life because when you have him, you have everything. He will teach you to enhance those skills of yours that will bring joy to others and to yourself, which creates melodies!! awesome isn’t it!

Daily Prompt: Shiver

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I remember asking the Holy Spirit to come into my life and teach me; I was alone in my room when I did that and the next day, a friend of mine, gave me a book named, ‘Good Morning Holy Spirit’, by Benny Hinn. The experience I had reading that book, was awesome.

Before I start reading it, I would say, ‘Holy Spirit please teach and help me understand what i am reading’, and it would begin. When I am five minutes into the book, my skin would get chilly and I would feel this rapid rush of warm air in me and I would have goosebumps that can last as long as I continued reading.

One thing I noticed was that, the feeling I had, I never wanted it to stop because it was chilly and at the same time warm and fuzzy. The second thing I noticed is that whenever I get this shivers, I would be especially attentive to that area of the book, sometimes I would stop to think on it because I knew there was a wonderful meaning that I needed in this journey of life.

From my experience, you can see that when you get shivers, it means that you need to pay attention to that moment, sometimes the shiver can be of something wonderful that is about to happen or it can mean something really bad that you need to run away from. It is all about centering yourself at that moment. You can center your self by believing that God is your shield and that no weapon formed against you can ever prosper. His word should be your center because when it is, discernment of any situation, comes easy.


I once read a poem when i was little and it was named, ‘the diameter of a bomb‘, I understood it but i could not relate to it because i didn’t know how it felt, but now i do. I just had a terrible news that someone who was a big part of who I am today is gone, that is the bomb that went off. She has three biological children but hundreds of students who are also her children.

This is how wide the bomb goes; during huge occasions, people come together to attend and these people usually have something in common. In my case, the effect of the news went as far as to other continents. I sit here, at my desk at work and read this shocking news and the first things that comes to my mind is disbelief, Tochukwu was probably in his room when he heard about this, Sandra and Onyinyechi were probably in a medical class when the news hit them. Now out of nigeria, to the US, Chimogo heard about, so did Tosan, Alafia, Ire, Yemi, Micheal, Chinyere, Joy, Ikechukwu, Emmanuel,  Harris, Akan, Deborah, Wemimo and countless other children she had moulded and sent into the world to become something but didn’t live long enough to see us be that.

Then it happened, the huge influx of texts, chats, messages, trying to comfort and console one another. We all came together from our different locations to say final good byes, in terms of tribute. I sit at my desk and read these messages and I have to think of something else to block this onset of tears which I fear won’t stop, because she showed me that I am worth it and I didn’t get the chance to go back and tell her thank you.  Events like this, makes you hold onto those you still have and tell them how much you love them, before it is too late.

Daily Prompt: Fierce

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That word ‘fierce’, is one that can strike fear or intense happiness in the heart of people and this is so because; on the one hand, we humans prefer when things are done in moderation and on the other hand, one of the synonyms of the word fierce is extreme.

When something is in its extreme, it is usually filled with a lot of energy, force and power, so in other words, it is powerful. I once heard that a knife is neither good nor bad, it all depends on how you use it. Well the same can be said for the word fierce (powerful); you can either be fierce in good things or you can be fierce in bad things. Let me give you a warning note and say that when you are fierce in doing bad things, you are a principality of the devil and you will lead a lot of people astray with your carelessness, but when you are fierce in the things that are good, then you are a principality for God and you he will use you to pull a lot of people to him, which is beyond awesome!

The word of God said that the most powerful man on earth is the man who is ‘free’, note the word ‘free‘. Freedom is a word we throw around but it is strong in its potency; when you are free, there is no limit to your abilities, prospects, future, but when you are hindered, there will be limits in your life.

Freedom comes from knowing who you are in Christ and in other for you to know who you are in him, you need to study what his word says about you. When you finally see who you really are and believe a hundred percent, then you should act it out, by doing this, you are expressing faith and faith has the ability to move mountains literally. Now imagine someone who has no limitation and is fierce in the things of God, can the devil trap him\her? The answer is a big fat no because he\she is so focused on praising and doing what God wants them to do, that they do not even have time to give the devil any attention and this is one of the best ways to resist him, by turning away and running towards God.

Daily Prompt: Vice

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I don’t know if it is just me but there is something powerful about words that have only four letters. The word love has four letters and it is one of the most powerful forces in the world; it is actually a fact according to 1 corinthians 13:13. Another word is hate, which is also a four letter word and also powerful, which is why we are told to not habor hate because it is the breathing ground for the devil. Another word is hope; this word can change your life, depending on what you are envizualising. Now we come to another word, which is vice. According to the dictionary, a vice is the act of moral corruption, fault in a person’s character, deformity, physical blemish, sexual immorality, bad habit.

One thing to see from the definition is that the word vice is associated with most of the wrong things in a person. In other words, they are the negative things that have grown overtime or happened as a result of something. It is also, secondary in nature, in the sense that it did not come with your original self because we are children of the one true king and that makes us good, so these vices are not part of who we are because we can change or remove it.

The opposite of vice according to the definition can be morality and this morality is a permanent feature of us all, in the sense that there is an inborn morality in us, which is why when we are sinning, we feel a prick or a thought or we loose our peace because we know deep down that what we are doing is wrong. A vice on the other hand is not permanent; the word of God says that resist the devil and he will flee, this is an example of how anything bad in us is secondary, in other words, they cannot and will not be able to stay once you start rejecting and resisting them. The devil is the ultimate vice, he is the leader of all vices and you resisting him, is the best thing for you because you are resisting the whole package.

Another way to look at a vice is that you can use it to your advantage; there is a wonderful child I had the immense pleasure of teaching and he is autistic. Now people automatically term autism as physically disabled, but that was not the case in this child’s situation. Autistic children generally have no social skills, but they tend to focus on doing one thing repeatedly. This boy was prayed over and God who always answers our prayers, improved the situation by, increasing the child’s social skills and opening up his mind in such a way that his concentration was triple what we have. I have never seen a child who concentrates and won’t give up until he finishes something. This is a quality we are struggling with and yet it is something which God brought out from a vice. He is God and he can trully turn all you vices to wonders.

Daily Prompt: Expert

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A farmer is a expert in the area of agriculture, a scientist is an expert in the area of science, a doctor is an expert in the area of medicine. In all these example, one thing is consistent and that is that expertise comes from knowledge.

In other to be able to do something, you need the understanding and the teachings which goes a long way in moulding your mind and adding to your schemas. When these knowledge accumulates in your mind, a process of self-discovery begins. God has created our minds in such a way that it is able to come up with different ways of approaching anything; this according to many is what we call divergent. When a person engages in this kind of thinking, its called divergent thinking and it is a very powerful tool.

So knowledge is the leading keyword here because it brings understanding, when this understanding is put into use, it brings forth skills and eventually expertise. God is watching us to see if we do right or wrong, so i guess the question is, in what area are you being an expert? If it is in the area of evil, then you are not being fruitful and your labor cannot bring forth durable fruits, but if it is in the area of good, then you will reap a bountiful result, because the word of God says that; be not decieved,whatsoever a man sows, that he shall reap.

Good has a way of making you more creative, this is so because when you know deep in your heart that what you are doing is the right thing, then you will be at peace and this peace, allows your mind to breathe and really expand more and gain clearer understanding of things than you would have when you are not at peace. This kind of understanding is the root of how some of the world’s greatest invention came into place. So if you want to be an expert in any area, work to achieve peace and there is only one person who has the power to help you acheive permanent peace and that is our lord Jesus Christ. He is already doing it for me and let me tell you that changing the inward is not easy, it is tedious, frustrating and strainng but so is education and academics. All we need to do is to set our gaze on what we want because that keeps us focused and eventually gets us to the level of expertise we want to achieve.

Daily Prompt: Obvious

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There is a saying that goes like this, ‘you couldn’t see it, even though it is staring you in the eyes’, in my opinion, that is the best explanation for the word obvious. it all has todo with our individual perception; I see things my way and you see things yours, so what is obvious to me might not be obvious to you and vice versa, there are absolute facts which cannot be displaced and so those facts are automatically stored in our heads in such a way that it is hard for us not to know what they are. For example, we all breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon-dioxide, the earth is a planet, the heart organ keeps us alive. Facts like this are difficults to ignore because they have been proven.

This brings us to another key word, ‘proven‘. Things are obvious to us when they are literally staring at us in the face (physical). The things we are able to see in the physcial are obvious to us but the things which we cannnot see, are extremely hard to understand, much less notice. For example, a guy might not know that a girl loves him, even when she shows it through everything she does for him but hasn’t said the word yet. This is why it is sometimes hard for us to accept the truth about ourselves, especially when it is coming from someone else because we believe that if we don’t see it then it is not true.

A brilliant example is when a sinner accepts the lord and becomes born-again; when you become born-again, your old spirit dies out while God puts in a new spirit that is the same as the one that raised Jesus from the dead. Everything you need to succeed is within that spirit which is within you, but the only way you can tap into it is to believe it is there. Now the key word there is believe, because the fact is that we may not believe that there is a powerful souce within us because we are told, in other words, it is not obvious to us because we haven’t seen it, but the truth is if we keep sticking to the whole mentality of ‘seeing is believing‘, then a whole lot of things will not be obvious to us.


Curiosity in a bad situation is something to be run away from because there can only be one outcome, which is chaos, anarchy, destruction and problems. We have all heard of the person of the ‘Pandora’ who opened up a box full of evil simply because she was so curious that she had to know what was in it, out of sheer curiosity. This is one of the leading causes of sin in our world today.

God and the Devil are two opposing forces, so therefore everything in this world has its opposing side. We have heard of villain versus hero, health versus sickness, living versus dead, therefore if you are not for God then you are for the devil. In the spiritual realm, there is Godly principalities and there is Devil principalities, there is no such thing as neutral principalities (combination of good and evil), therefore you cannot be a lukewarm Christian because if you are then you are as good as spiritually dead.

The word of God says that if you are neither hot nor cold, he will spit you out of from his mouth. One very important concept with God is ‘choice’. He will never force you to worship him, but he will always give you a choice between him and the world.

Now on this account, we see that God represents everything good and right, while the devil represents everything that is bad and wrong. Since this two opposing forces have been there from the beginning of time, their nature are shown in many ways in our world, in other words, there is obedience and there is disobedience.

At this point people might say that it is all in the strength of one that it wins and in the weakness of the other that it loses. That is true but it is the half-truth because it assumes that it depends on the strength of one at that moment, whereas the whole truth is that evil is born from good, so keep it in mind that no matter how smart evil gets, good is always many steps ahead.

Now look at this scenario; God created everything including the angels right? Now because God loved Lucifer so much, he favoured him highly and placed him at a high place. Now look closely, angels are not God, they do not have the power (will) to withstand the effect of glory. Lucifer fell for it and got trapped in the greed that glory brings to us humans. This greed brought about jealousy and eventually covetousness which ended up in his punishment.

Therefore if evil is born from good, then evil can never overcome good because good has a particular source which we cannot understand, that will eventually destroy evil. In this context, people may think that the student eventually becomes greater than their teacher. However I am not talking about ‘teaching’, I said ‘born’. A child who is born of a woman would always have reverence for her and should anything happen between them that creates a division, there would still be an atom of respect from the offspring for the parent. This is so because the child knows that it is from the mother that he/she came to be and so do the parents. Therefore evil can never overcome good because good ensures that evil is kept in check.

Whatever is good and right always wins because it upsets the balance of things in a way that brings about better growth than there was before and the casualty risk is less compared to that of evil. This is why in a government where the whole system is corrupted, the cabinet members would not want a God-fearing person there because he/she would upset the balance and in time bring about restoration and this restoration most of the time means a total elimination of the people causing the corrupt.

When evil upsets good, good gets stronger and the effect of evil is nullified, for example, a diligent child, who fails his exam (evil) would learn from that and realize that he needs to put in more work or effort and this would boost him up and bring him a lot of success. On the other hand, when good upsets evil, evil only gets weaker and the effect of good is permanent. For example, if a person who is addicted to sexual sin and thoughts (evil), suddenly feels it in his/her heart to stop and confesses it to God and asks for help (good), the effect of that addictive behaviour on him/her begins to lose its hold and as long as the person sticks to his new conviction, the addictive behaviour would be long gone forever.

The plans of a good person is well thought of because he/she isn’t just looking at attaining victory, but also maintaining minimum casualties. Whereas that of evil is either too straightforward and careless or too complex and full of loopholes because they only care for wreaking havoc, not caring about what they lose in the process.


It is called the body of Christ because everything is integrated but in a whole new level. In the human body, all the systems are interdependent on each other; a problem in one is a cause for alarm in all. This leads to the one important fact that, ‘EVERTHING SPREADS’, what you have in you will eventually spread to others around you. We are the body of Christ, which means that every living being on this planet are all joined to form the body of Christ.

The difference between the human body and the body of Christ is that with human, it is physical, i.e. in terms of the various systems (circulatory, nervous, etc.), but in the body of Christ, it is spiritual and it is important to know that the spiritual controls the physical.

Do you ever wonder why doctors insist on taking out a leg or arm that is infected, or removing an organ that is covered with cancer, it is because they know that it has the potential to spread to other parts of the body. There are two types of family; family by blood and family by friendship. In family by friendship, for example, church, school, book club etc. In our little way of thinking, we are connected in friendship through emotions but what we are missing is that these emotions come from our spirit, so in other words, when we have friends, we are spiritually connected.

This brings us to another point; when we harbor hate, jealousy, envy, malice, grudge, we automatically tune our mind to harmful thoughts and whether we notice it or not, we act differently to those people thereby provoking them. Therefore, whoever that is your friend, gets affected by your state of mind because the emotion he/she sees in you will be unsettling. But when you are happy, the next person to you, will also be cheerful, whether they want to or not and they, in turn, spread this to others. So when you say you and someone are friends, your spirits are connected, this is why when you say you don’t care, deep within yourself, you know that you care because it is your spirit acting, and it is that care that causes you to get on your knees and pray for that person and this brings about a good change.

That is how integrated we all are in Christ, so care must be taken, especially when it comes to the matter of fornication. Fornication is a whole new level; the body of a man and woman was meant to only be joined together in marriage then they become, ‘one body’ that phrase is very powerful. In friendship, the spirits are connected but not integrated into one but in sexual intercourse, the body and the spirit of both people are integrated and become one, which means that whatever he/she has is what you will have. If the person you are joined with is not under the blood of Jesus or spiritually clean, then there is problem.

This is why there is emphasis on having sex only in marriage, because you will have had time to pray and ask God for his opinion to know if he/she is right for you and if so, needs to be spiritually cleansed and changed. This is why God seeks to change a man or woman before bringing their soul mate, because when they become one body, a poison in one part of the body that was not noticed before the union was made is poison for all in the family. Ask the Holy Spirit for help and he will sensitize your spirit, to the point where you can discern that of others.