A Home Outside

Its cold we say, its dark we say and its full of dangerous unknowns we say and we are right. There is the unknown of the physical- our immediate environment and then there is the unknown of the unseen or in other words our minds. When going through a really tough time, my brother said something to me which I will never forget, he said there is no such thing as a full mind, that the human mind is larger than the universe because just as the universe is infinite, our mind is also infinite and just as cold, dark and unknown as our immediate environment if we don’t light it up ourselves.

The key word there is ‘ourselves’. There is something amazing about standing in the strength that comes from within or in other words our own strength built on solid foundation, the question is ‘what is your foundation built on?’ My brother, again, told me from an article he had read that solitude is not about being alone with no one around, it is about being at peace within yourself, standing in your own principles and convictions that are right and well-placed because misguided principles and conviction creates a dissonance which leads to confusion. This is where the problem lies, we tend to stand on the strength we gather from people, the feelings they bring out in us, these people can be our family, our friends, etc.

This drawing of strength from others leads to dependency and dependency creates expectations and expectations can sometimes bring disappointment. When this disappointment sets in, we turn to other people to begin the process again, making your home outside by practically living off the the assurance you get from people. This can be dangerous because people have their lives, they have their own different problems and cannot help you solve yours all the time. The realization of that unsettles you and you find that the home you have built outside doesn’t have a solid foundation, its cold, its dark and its dangerous and suddenly you don’t feel safe anymore there and that realization is all you need to step on the right track.

Standing in your own strength does not mean you don’t need people or you don’t need friends and family, no, it simply means to have a steady source where you draw from day in and day out, a source that is invested in you, a source that looks out for your best interest more than you do yourself, a source that loves unconditionally whose love is all the assurance you will ever need. The question is where do you draw strength from? or rather what is the greatest source alive?

‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ (Phillipian 4:13).


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