Words (Death & Life)

Everyone has their definition of emotional and verbal abuse which are all similar in one way or the other but the important thing to keep in kind is that every person who has been emotionally or verbally abused in one way or the other can relate to these definition because it becomes personal to them.

The most painful thing about emotional and verbal abuse that people find hard to recover from is the false hope that comes with emotional abuse and the brutality of words that comes with verbal abuse. Some people would prefer to be hit than to be abused with words, they say the most painful things are the hurtful words uttered by those you love. It is like a set of hands on your throat driving you down into this dark abyss and as you go down, you don’t feel fear of the unknown, instead all you feel is this intense anger and pain. This kind of pain is worst than any kind because it is coming from that deep place no one knows, it is also coming from your mind, sometimes you feel like your head is too full and the voices are too loud that sometimes its difficult to catch your breathe.

Yes…. that’s how deep words and false hope can hurt a person. You wish you can be hard that you don’t feel anything but it is like going against your divine set-up which is impossible. You try but the next time, the pain hits  harder than before and you ask yourself why it hurts so much but your answers never satisfy you. The discrepancy between your expectation of people and their result is mostly the cause. They are people you love and you expect them to have your interest at heart but they turn around and do something horrible and its like your safe cocoon becomes unsafe and you become unsettled.

At a point, it is important to know when to stop or when to give up. Sometimes giving up does not mean you are a coward, sometimes it is the best thing for you to do in other to save yourself. When someone is trying to pull you into a dark place sometimes it is best to let go of the grip you have on that person and rise to the surface then somewhere along the line, that person will look up and realize how low they have sunk and how much they need to be rescued.

Emotional and verbal abuse are the worst kind of abuse because the weapon is mainly words and the reason they hurt so much is because words are spirit and a spirit can only relate with a spirit. These words go deep into your spirit and your mind and cause havoc. It is important to give yourself a positive self talk everyday because the same way words have destructive powers, they also have healing powers, this is why the word of God says death and life are in the powers of the tongue.


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