Know your Source: Key to avoiding confusion.

You say all the time, I want to change and you try your best to stay away from old habits and to construct new ones by listening to the right things, trying to accept the truth no matter how bitter it is, reading lots of good articles, books etc. However half way through all these, it gets too much because you feel like there is so much to know, so much to do and so much to change. The feeling of panic comes over you and you begin questioning if you can do this at all and this makes you question everything you have worked for, why? Its simply because you think the world is so confusing, it contradicts itself.

It is detrimental to think like that, do you know why? Because if everything was so confusing and contradicting, we would never have been able to get anything done, confusion has never created anything good, it only creates setbacks and the fact that a lot of things, inventions, ideas, gathering have been accomplished, shows that confusion can be kept under control.

There is the belief that the world is not in black or white, that it is a mixture of both, producing the color gray which is interpreted as neutral and this has lead to some opinions that there is no clear path between good and bad and that is where the confusion comes from. In psychology there is what we call schema, they are a pre-set of beliefs, framework of perceptions that govern how you assimilate or accommodate information and every person has this. When something comes that challenges your schema or in other words challenges your per-conceived ideas, it unsettles you and makes you doubt and if this doubt is not resolved, it leads to confusion because you are still searching for answers to satisfy you.

There is no relationship between light and dark, good and bad, there have always been a  line between these two, so just because we don’t see it does not mean it is not there. If good and bad could mix together then what is the point of having laws and justice systems to separate the two, why try so hard to prevent people from doing wrong if we think the world is neutral. Confusion convinces us that some of the things we see, hear and do are alright but are actually not.

The one who brings this confusion knows himself very well, he makes a very little innocent suggestion the he sits back and watches it play out. He plants a little seed of doubt, lie, fear and this gives birth to confusion, which is the ultimate deception because people who are confused are restless and desperately seeking for answer. The book of John 8:32 says, and you shall now the truth, and the truth shall set you free. People who are confused about something are looking for answers so they can be free from the doubts and overthinking but the only way to be set free from this is when you hear the right truth. When you are given a lie for an answer, you will be more confused because deep within you, your gut tells you that there is something more to be known.

Confusion can be avoided when you turn to the right source and the best source you can ever find is God. I have heard some people say that the bible contradicts itself and that they read and don’t know what to believe but I tell you today that God is not the author of confusion, he will never ever contradict himself with his words because his words are powerful. You may have proof that his word is indeed contradicting, but I would advise you to look carefully at your proof and ask the Holy Spirit to clarify what you don’t understand and you will see just how straightforward His precious words are!!!


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