What When Who & How?

via Daily Prompt: Cusp

I heard someone say that, ‘it is how you respond to a situation that makes it a problem for you or a resolved case’, and I didn’t understand what it meant until today. When something happens to you which may or may not be of your own making, you are moved to a difficult position. I like to call it the place of decisions as it is the place that shows what is really inside of you.

Among the definitions of the word cusp, I love the one which says that it is the dividing line or border between two conditions or categories. In other words, it is that deciding moment, the critical stage where you either succeed or fail. I used to be a chronic over-thinker, I would worry over anything and everything which resulted in me getting really bad migraines. Sometimes I would get so deep in my worries that I felt suffocated, almost as if I were losing my mind and I would feel this tightness in my skull that made me dizzy and I wouldn’t be able to sleep well. Whenever the tiniest bit of problem occurs, goodness me! my mind would immediately set to work and blow it out of proportion, so wide that I would feel like I have to overcome a mountain.

The reason my mind is able to do this is because I let it and when I realized that I control my mind and not the other way round, I felt so much better because when something happens to me or I make a mistake at home or at work, I don’t start thinking of the consequences or the way others would think of me or if I could solve the problem at all. I would stop my mind each time from getting out of control because the mind is like a child, if you loosen your grip on it, its going to run wild and cause chaos in its wake.

The best way to control your mind is to rest in the word of God, it works a hundred percent. When something is trying to spoil my day and my mind is about to go all wild, I start repeating what the word of God says concerning that situation and believe me it is not an easy task to do but the result far outweighs the trouble and there is always results because God himself said that he honors his word more than he honors his son and because His word never fails it is the ultimate resting place for us all.

So when trouble comes your way, keep your mind focused on what God’s word says and never listen to your emotions and feelings at that moment because they will be erratic and can only bring more trouble and while you are doing your best to stay on the word of God, He will move because of that and cause a change in that situation because now, you are not thinking or saying what you see but rather you are saying what you want to see in faith and if there is one thing that God works with, its Faith.


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