What they think (Labels & Tags)

via Daily Prompt: Label

Did you know that everyone in this world has more than one label to his or her name. A person who only has one label shows two things; they are stagnant or they run away from change.

I looked up the meaning of label and one word that stuck out was tag. A tag is anything used to identify or label a person or object. One thing that is constant in life is change and because we humans change, the labels we are given changes too from time to time. I always hear people say, ‘oh no I do not want to be tagged a lazy person’, or ‘she has been tagged, the school nerd’. A brilliant philosopher said that the thoughts of other people are so much and you do not have the power to know all of it, so the best thing is to ignore it and live your life. When we think about it, it is the truth; until you stop living your life according to the opinions of others, you will never be truly happy, do you know why?

The answer is that when you try to make people like you or have a good opinion of you by doing what they want, not everyone will love you, there will always be the haters who will label you in a bad way no matter what you do and when you try so hard to erase that label, worse ones keep coming up and the vicious circle continues, is that even worthy to be called happiness?

Another brilliant person said that when people do not understand what you do, they begin to understand why you do it. Also that instead of trying to carry everyone along, why don’t you just save your time by doing your thing and letting others follow you. So you have to live your life for you and when I say for you, I do not mean doing bad things and expecting everyone to support you, that is ridiculous.

In essence, the world will always label you good or bad no matter what you do, so it is pointless to try and get everyone’s opinion of you to be good but rather let your actions show them why they should either fall in line with their labels or fall out.



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