Daily Prompt: Massive

via Daily Prompt: Massive

Everything has to start from somewhere, it has to have a beginning and an end, a source from which it exist. There are two things we should keep in mind when going through life, and that is that no matter how big something is, it started from something small and also no matter how small something is, it has the potential to grow into something massive.

Take the example of smokers and drug addicts; at first was just one little taste which was harmless, then it gradually increased to another slightly bigger taste which was again harmless, then as time went on they keep pushing the boundaries of how much they could tolerate and before you knew it they couldn’t stop pushing themselves to higher limits; this is where addiction comes from.

This is how most big situations come to be; for example, on my birthday I was at a huge camp with lots of people I didn’t know. I told a close friend of mine and before I knew it, she told five people and before I could even comprehend what was happening, words had traveled far and the whole camp found out it was my birthday, they all gave me hugs and wished me well. Another example is a little baby who always got pampered by her parents, she was never allowed to do things on her own, she had never known hard-work and her parents did this because they had experienced hardship and didn’t want the same thing for her. The child grew up and became the world’s most spoiled brat and when she finally became independent, she turned her life into a wrecking ball and destroyed her family and her parents wondered how it came to this?

We think of a lot of things that can cause the most destruction but what we do not realize is that the most dangerous source of destruction is us humans. When we don’t take it easy and listen, we become like ticking bombs, which is detrimental to those around us. We complain of thieves, suicide bombers, kidnappers, etc, but what we do not realize is that these so called criminals began as babies.

As careless as we are most times, God gave us the responsibility of raising our children well and He even told us to remember him in everything we do and He will establish our ways (proverbs 3 vs 6). Raising children is not an easy job and it is not something that one can say they are ready for. We ought to be very careful and keep in mind that a baby is born with innocence, but that innocence can be broken and something really awful can grow in place of it in the long-run. So the job of parenting is not just dishing out all the love in the world, it also entails monitoring, gauging and then regulating.

It is important to not do everything in excess and it is also important to not overlook a lot of things or relax too much. After all the bible says to stay alert and the bible also says to not worry for anything; not worrying for anything does not mean overlooking everything because just when you start relaxing too much is when little problems pass by unnoticed and thereby begins to grow gradually.



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