Daily prompt; Marathon

Of all the types of races that there is, the marathon is the toughest. Now people say that not everyone can run a Marathon, well I say everybody can, but it is just a matter of your own time space. In a race, some people are in front, while some are in the back, what I learnt from this is that people have their own time spaces and according to the length of that time space, they move accordingly. This is what we see everyday in the marathon of life.

Whether we like it or not, we are all running a race, and it is called ‘the marathon of life’. In this race, everyone has their way of starting; some may decide to run, others to walk, others to jog, but the most important thing is to start the race. One very important factor in the marathon of life is Time. Time is the most complicated and yet fragile concept known to man, which is why the only person in control of it is God our father in heaven.

Time is of the essence people will say, which is very true; it defines how people run their lives. For instance, in a marathon race, some may start off fast with the aim of resting towards the finish line and another may start slow, with the aim of going fast close to the finish line. Both have their reasons but the most important, is their perception of time.

One of the things I admire about the word marathon is that it encompasses everything life is. The word marathon originated from the man who ran all the way from the battle field with the good news that they had won the battle. History says that he ran all the way and immediately after giving his news, he collapsed. History also narrates how the way was; it says that some parts were leveled and smooth, some were rocky, some were steep, some parts included climbing around a mountain. This is exactly how life is and so it is important for us to not be in a hurry to get things done because we might just fall for one of those steep hills if we are not careful.

It is important to take it easy in everything we do, his time space is not yours too, his time of getting something may not be your time, so take a chill pill and take each day as it comes. Plan ahead but not too far ahead that you forget your present. Don’t forget that the smartest way to acquire everything in the race of life, is to acquire that which will give you all of it and who is that? God Almighty.




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