Daily Prompt: Realize

via Daily Prompt: Realize

There are probably many explanations to the word, ‘realization’, but the one definition which stuck to me is that realization is knowing the answer to whatever questions that eluded you before. When you realize, it shows that you finally gained insight to something which you had problems understanding.

Another aspect of it is that when you realize something, it shows that you were thinking about that problem before the realization came to you. What I am saying is that you cannot know something without first giving it a thought. For some people, it comes immediately, while for others, it comes after sometime, when they are not thinking about the issue or situation.

Looking at the above paragraph, it is amazing how God wired our minds in such a way that it is able to handle a lot of information at the same time and still be efficient. This is the reason why scientist, even till this day, cannot understand how the mind works. When something happens and you do not have the answers immediately, you think on it and yet the answer does not come, so you let it go, thinking that it is one of those things that cannot be understood, whereas in reality, your mind still held on to it and that is why when you see or read something or are in a particular situation, all of a sudden, the answer clicks, it is always profound to the person.

One of the most profound realization I got was when I realized that the The Holy Spirit of God was not a bird, or a fire, or the wind but a person. When I realized this, it just revolutionized my life and I will tell you why. I was the kind of person who would cling so much to anybody who offers help to me. I would begin to idolize them in the sense that I would always go to them even if they need their space, I would always attribute everything they did to be about me. But it all began to change when I meet the holy spirit; the difference between him and us humans is that humans can only hang on and bear a burden for so long, after which they let go, but the Holy Spirit will never let go of you and I realized that he is the one I should be clinging to and only according to his direction, can I then depend on someone else.

The most important thing I realized since knowing him is that my joy does not come from another human, but it comes from Him and day by day he teaches, me even when I am being stubborn he still stays with me. He is someone very special to me and another thing I noticed is that my dependence on him, helped to reduce my dependence on others and to respect everyone’s boundaries.


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