Daily Prompt: Slog

via Daily Prompt: Slog

We have to slog through things if we are going to succed in life. I remember watching a snail crawl and thought how slow it is, but what I actually failed to see was that just because it was slow did not mean that it was not making progress in terms of moving forward. Another thing that struck me was how grounded its movements were, in the sense that it leaned heavily on the ground while moving.

The second feature which I mentioned (leaning heavily on the ground), showed me another thing, and that was its tendency to lean heavily on the ground, contributed to its balanced movement. It didn’t waver in its strides because it was well grounded. This is how we need to be in every aspect of our lives. We cannot have unstable feet in the our ventures, the best thing you can do is to stay were you are and gain more strength by engaging in more self-development, then move.

There is always good in everything, there is a reason why the word of God says we should see the good in everyone and everything. When we think of slogs, we think of how slow and slimy they are but what we don’t see is that they are slow but sure, they are not as smart as a lion but they are not moving toward extinction like the lion species is. We can take these good character of a slog and make it our own.

Don’t you think it would be awesome if we begin to learn things from everthing around us, it will make you so much better than you are right now.


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