Daily Prompt: Elegant

via Daily Prompt: Elegant

Everything about the word elegant, screams pleasing and good. The word elegant, has many synonymns to it, but the one that jumped right at me is, ‘simple‘. When something is simple, it is always pleasing and wonderful. Some people might think of simple things as things that are common, cheap, not much about it, but the truth is that it is the simplest things of life that are the greatest.

Think about the life of a king and the life of a servant, whose life is simple? Think of an iphone and samsung, which one is simpler to repair? Now think about happiness and riches, which one is the simplest to achieve. If you really look closely at these questions, you will discover that the simple things of life are the most comfortable.

Another thing to have in mind is that everybody will like an elegant person who is simple because they have nothing to hide and that is one of the virtue lacing in people. We say we are simple but who we are in our rooms, is not the same as who we are when we are outside. If you lead two lives like that then work to eliminate it by taking the one which you really are and ask the Holy Spirit to modify it and make it better, so you can then show it to the would.

Simple people crave complex things and complex people crave simple things. The ways of the spirit is simple, but the ways of the flesh is complex in the sense that the flesh will make you want things you can’t have which would result in you taking the wrong means to get it, such as lies and there is nothing more complex than lies because it is like a maze; you keep moving until you trap yourself. One the other hand, the way of the spirit is simple because all you have to do is follow him and his ways are never wrong, it does not have lies, people can see it for all you care and you won’t mind because you know in your heart that you have nothing to hide.


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