Daily Prompt: Plop

via Daily Prompt: Plop

Plop, plop, plop, was all I could hear from my standing point at the corner of the room. Her tears knew no bound, it was like her organ had opened up a dam and a lot of water came rushing out, but this out-pouring was painful and I knew this because of how she kept pounding the ground and squeezing her hand on her clothes.

However this type of pain was different in the sense that it did not come as a result of something going into her or moving into her, but rather it was pain associated with something bad leaving and the realization that comes after that thing is gone. I stood there and watched as each tear poured out, I felt it too because she is a part of me and what I wanted for her was not what she wanted for herself before but the fact that she realized it now, brought about the realization of how much time was lost and this causes regrets and pain.

Plop, plop, plop, I sat and waited, waited and waited…. it suddenly stopped and she uttered those words which I longed to hear and in that moment, I knew that she had chosen not to live a life of strife because of the way her face lit up with peace. We have partnered together all these months and the changes she had to undergo and is still undergoing, is just so profound that others want it too.

This is the way it is with our spirits; when we live the wrong way, we weaken our spirit to the point where our spirts are so quiet that in the spiritual eyes of a person, our spirit appears dead and this is why our lives are a wreck most of the time. When you decide to live the way of your spirit, then how can you not enjoy, grow and fulfill the things your spirit is supposed to fulfill. When that realization comes to you, then you will hear that sound, plop, plop, plop… the sound of your tears.


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