I once read a poem when i was little and it was named, ‘the diameter of a bomb‘, I understood it but i could not relate to it because i didn’t know how it felt, but now i do. I just had a terrible news that someone who was a big part of who I am today is gone, that is the bomb that went off. She has three biological children but hundreds of students who are also her children.

This is how wide the bomb goes; during huge occasions, people come together to attend and these people usually have something in common. In my case, the effect of the news went as far as to other continents. I sit here, at my desk at work and read this shocking news and the first things that comes to my mind is disbelief, Tochukwu was probably in his room when he heard about this, Sandra and Onyinyechi were probably in a medical class when the news hit them. Now out of nigeria, to the US, Chimogo heard about, so did Tosan, Alafia, Ire, Yemi, Micheal, Chinyere, Joy, Ikechukwu, Emmanuel,  Harris, Akan, Deborah, Wemimo and countless other children she had moulded and sent into the world to become something but didn’t live long enough to see us be that.

Then it happened, the huge influx of texts, chats, messages, trying to comfort and console one another. We all came together from our different locations to say final good byes, in terms of tribute. I sit at my desk and read these messages and I have to think of something else to block this onset of tears which I fear won’t stop, because she showed me that I am worth it and I didn’t get the chance to go back and tell her thank you.  Events like this, makes you hold onto those you still have and tell them how much you love them, before it is too late.


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