Daily Prompt: Shiver

via Daily Prompt: Shiver

I remember asking the Holy Spirit to come into my life and teach me; I was alone in my room when I did that and the next day, a friend of mine, gave me a book named, ‘Good Morning Holy Spirit’, by Benny Hinn. The experience I had reading that book, was awesome.

Before I start reading it, I would say, ‘Holy Spirit please teach and help me understand what i am reading’, and it would begin. When I am five minutes into the book, my skin would get chilly and I would feel this rapid rush of warm air in me and I would have goosebumps that can last as long as I continued reading.

One thing I noticed was that, the feeling I had, I never wanted it to stop because it was chilly and at the same time warm and fuzzy. The second thing I noticed is that whenever I get this shivers, I would be especially attentive to that area of the book, sometimes I would stop to think on it because I knew there was a wonderful meaning that I needed in this journey of life.

From my experience, you can see that when you get shivers, it means that you need to pay attention to that moment, sometimes the shiver can be of something wonderful that is about to happen or it can mean something really bad that you need to run away from. It is all about centering yourself at that moment. You can center your self by believing that God is your shield and that no weapon formed against you can ever prosper. His word should be your center because when it is, discernment of any situation, comes easy.


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