Daily Prompt: Fierce

via Daily Prompt: Fierce

That word ‘fierce’, is one that can strike fear or intense happiness in the heart of people and this is so because; on the one hand, we humans prefer when things are done in moderation and on the other hand, one of the synonyms of the word fierce is extreme.

When something is in its extreme, it is usually filled with a lot of energy, force and power, so in other words, it is powerful. I once heard that a knife is neither good nor bad, it all depends on how you use it. Well the same can be said for the word fierce (powerful); you can either be fierce in good things or you can be fierce in bad things. Let me give you a warning note and say that when you are fierce in doing bad things, you are a principality of the devil and you will lead a lot of people astray with your carelessness, but when you are fierce in the things that are good, then you are a principality for God and you he will use you to pull a lot of people to him, which is beyond awesome!

The word of God said that the most powerful man on earth is the man who is ‘free’, note the word ‘free‘. Freedom is a word we throw around but it is strong in its potency; when you are free, there is no limit to your abilities, prospects, future, but when you are hindered, there will be limits in your life.

Freedom comes from knowing who you are in Christ and in other for you to know who you are in him, you need to study what his word says about you. When you finally see who you really are and believe a hundred percent, then you should act it out, by doing this, you are expressing faith and faith has the ability to move mountains literally. Now imagine someone who has no limitation and is fierce in the things of God, can the devil trap him\her? The answer is a big fat no because he\she is so focused on praising and doing what God wants them to do, that they do not even have time to give the devil any attention and this is one of the best ways to resist him, by turning away and running towards God.


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