Daily Prompt: Vice

via Daily Prompt: Vice

I don’t know if it is just me but there is something powerful about words that have only four letters. The word love has four letters and it is one of the most powerful forces in the world; it is actually a fact according to 1 corinthians 13:13. Another word is hate, which is also a four letter word and also powerful, which is why we are told to not habor hate because it is the breathing ground for the devil. Another word is hope; this word can change your life, depending on what you are envizualising. Now we come to another word, which is vice. According to the dictionary, a vice is the act of moral corruption, fault in a person’s character, deformity, physical blemish, sexual immorality, bad habit.

One thing to see from the definition is that the word vice is associated with most of the wrong things in a person. In other words, they are the negative things that have grown overtime or happened as a result of something. It is also, secondary in nature, in the sense that it did not come with your original self because we are children of the one true king and that makes us good, so these vices are not part of who we are because we can change or remove it.

The opposite of vice according to the definition can be morality and this morality is a permanent feature of us all, in the sense that there is an inborn morality in us, which is why when we are sinning, we feel a prick or a thought or we loose our peace because we know deep down that what we are doing is wrong. A vice on the other hand is not permanent; the word of God says that resist the devil and he will flee, this is an example of how anything bad in us is secondary, in other words, they cannot and will not be able to stay once you start rejecting and resisting them. The devil is the ultimate vice, he is the leader of all vices and you resisting him, is the best thing for you because you are resisting the whole package.

Another way to look at a vice is that you can use it to your advantage; there is a wonderful child I had the immense pleasure of teaching and he is autistic. Now people automatically term autism as physically disabled, but that was not the case in this child’s situation. Autistic children generally have no social skills, but they tend to focus on doing one thing repeatedly. This boy was prayed over and God who always answers our prayers, improved the situation by, increasing the child’s social skills and opening up his mind in such a way that his concentration was triple what we have. I have never seen a child who concentrates and won’t give up until he finishes something. This is a quality we are struggling with and yet it is something which God brought out from a vice. He is God and he can trully turn all you vices to wonders.


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