Curiosity in a bad situation is something to be run away from because there can only be one outcome, which is chaos, anarchy, destruction and problems. We have all heard of the person of the ‘Pandora’ who opened up a box full of evil simply because she was so curious that she had to know what was in it, out of sheer curiosity. This is one of the leading causes of sin in our world today.

God and the Devil are two opposing forces, so therefore everything in this world has its opposing side. We have heard of villain versus hero, health versus sickness, living versus dead, therefore if you are not for God then you are for the devil. In the spiritual realm, there is Godly principalities and there is Devil principalities, there is no such thing as neutral principalities (combination of good and evil), therefore you cannot be a lukewarm Christian because if you are then you are as good as spiritually dead.

The word of God says that if you are neither hot nor cold, he will spit you out of from his mouth. One very important concept with God is ‘choice’. He will never force you to worship him, but he will always give you a choice between him and the world.

Now on this account, we see that God represents everything good and right, while the devil represents everything that is bad and wrong. Since this two opposing forces have been there from the beginning of time, their nature are shown in many ways in our world, in other words, there is obedience and there is disobedience.

At this point people might say that it is all in the strength of one that it wins and in the weakness of the other that it loses. That is true but it is the half-truth because it assumes that it depends on the strength of one at that moment, whereas the whole truth is that evil is born from good, so keep it in mind that no matter how smart evil gets, good is always many steps ahead.

Now look at this scenario; God created everything including the angels right? Now because God loved Lucifer so much, he favoured him highly and placed him at a high place. Now look closely, angels are not God, they do not have the power (will) to withstand the effect of glory. Lucifer fell for it and got trapped in the greed that glory brings to us humans. This greed brought about jealousy and eventually covetousness which ended up in his punishment.

Therefore if evil is born from good, then evil can never overcome good because good has a particular source which we cannot understand, that will eventually destroy evil. In this context, people may think that the student eventually becomes greater than their teacher. However I am not talking about ‘teaching’, I said ‘born’. A child who is born of a woman would always have reverence for her and should anything happen between them that creates a division, there would still be an atom of respect from the offspring for the parent. This is so because the child knows that it is from the mother that he/she came to be and so do the parents. Therefore evil can never overcome good because good ensures that evil is kept in check.

Whatever is good and right always wins because it upsets the balance of things in a way that brings about better growth than there was before and the casualty risk is less compared to that of evil. This is why in a government where the whole system is corrupted, the cabinet members would not want a God-fearing person there because he/she would upset the balance and in time bring about restoration and this restoration most of the time means a total elimination of the people causing the corrupt.

When evil upsets good, good gets stronger and the effect of evil is nullified, for example, a diligent child, who fails his exam (evil) would learn from that and realize that he needs to put in more work or effort and this would boost him up and bring him a lot of success. On the other hand, when good upsets evil, evil only gets weaker and the effect of good is permanent. For example, if a person who is addicted to sexual sin and thoughts (evil), suddenly feels it in his/her heart to stop and confesses it to God and asks for help (good), the effect of that addictive behaviour on him/her begins to lose its hold and as long as the person sticks to his new conviction, the addictive behaviour would be long gone forever.

The plans of a good person is well thought of because he/she isn’t just looking at attaining victory, but also maintaining minimum casualties. Whereas that of evil is either too straightforward and careless or too complex and full of loopholes because they only care for wreaking havoc, not caring about what they lose in the process.


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