Daily Prompt: Obvious

via Daily Prompt: Obvious

There is a saying that goes like this, ‘you couldn’t see it, even though it is staring you in the eyes’, in my opinion, that is the best explanation for the word obvious. it all has todo with our individual perception; I see things my way and you see things yours, so what is obvious to me might not be obvious to you and vice versa, there are absolute facts which cannot be displaced and so those facts are automatically stored in our heads in such a way that it is hard for us not to know what they are. For example, we all breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon-dioxide, the earth is a planet, the heart organ keeps us alive. Facts like this are difficults to ignore because they have been proven.

This brings us to another key word, ‘proven‘. Things are obvious to us when they are literally staring at us in the face (physical). The things we are able to see in the physcial are obvious to us but the things which we cannnot see, are extremely hard to understand, much less notice. For example, a guy might not know that a girl loves him, even when she shows it through everything she does for him but hasn’t said the word yet. This is why it is sometimes hard for us to accept the truth about ourselves, especially when it is coming from someone else because we believe that if we don’t see it then it is not true.

A brilliant example is when a sinner accepts the lord and becomes born-again; when you become born-again, your old spirit dies out while God puts in a new spirit that is the same as the one that raised Jesus from the dead. Everything you need to succeed is within that spirit which is within you, but the only way you can tap into it is to believe it is there. Now the key word there is believe, because the fact is that we may not believe that there is a powerful souce within us because we are told, in other words, it is not obvious to us because we haven’t seen it, but the truth is if we keep sticking to the whole mentality of ‘seeing is believing‘, then a whole lot of things will not be obvious to us.


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