It is called the body of Christ because everything is integrated but in a whole new level. In the human body, all the systems are interdependent on each other; a problem in one is a cause for alarm in all. This leads to the one important fact that, ‘EVERTHING SPREADS’, what you have in you will eventually spread to others around you. We are the body of Christ, which means that every living being on this planet are all joined to form the body of Christ.

The difference between the human body and the body of Christ is that with human, it is physical, i.e. in terms of the various systems (circulatory, nervous, etc.), but in the body of Christ, it is spiritual and it is important to know that the spiritual controls the physical.

Do you ever wonder why doctors insist on taking out a leg or arm that is infected, or removing an organ that is covered with cancer, it is because they know that it has the potential to spread to other parts of the body. There are two types of family; family by blood and family by friendship. In family by friendship, for example, church, school, book club etc. In our little way of thinking, we are connected in friendship through emotions but what we are missing is that these emotions come from our spirit, so in other words, when we have friends, we are spiritually connected.

This brings us to another point; when we harbor hate, jealousy, envy, malice, grudge, we automatically tune our mind to harmful thoughts and whether we notice it or not, we act differently to those people thereby provoking them. Therefore, whoever that is your friend, gets affected by your state of mind because the emotion he/she sees in you will be unsettling. But when you are happy, the next person to you will also be cheerful, whether they want to or not and they, in turn, spread this to others. So when you say you and someone are friends, your spirits are connected, this is why when you say you don’t care, deep within yourself, you know that you care because it is your spirit acting, and it is that care that causes you to get on your knees and pray for that person and this brings about a good change.

That is how integrated we all are in Christ, so care must be taken, especially when it comes to the matter of fornication. Fornication is a whole new level; the body of a man and woman was meant to only be joined together in marriage then they become, ‘one body’ that phrase is very powerful. In friendship, the spirits are connected but not integrated into one but in sexual intercourse, the body and the spirit of both people are integrated and become one, which means that whatever he/she has is what you will have. If the person you are joined with is not under the blood of Jesus or spiritually clean, then there is a problem.

This is why there is an emphasis on having sex only in marriage because you will have had time to pray and ask God for his opinion to know if he/she is right for you and if so, needs to be spiritually cleansed and changed. This is why God seeks to change a man or woman before bringing their soul mate, because when they become one body, a poison in one part of the body that was not noticed before the union was made is poison for all in the family. Ask the Holy Spirit for help and he will sensitize your spirit, to the point where you can discern that of others.


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