All the glory has to be to God and not to man when you ask the Holy Spirit to enable you to understand the word of God; he will show you things that you would normally skip and even those things that you could never have perceived before. Among many other reasons, there are two very important reasons why all the glory must be to God.

The first is that everything we have was and is given to us by God; who we are happened because God let us be so in other for us to find our way to him and to be stronger. God deserves the all the glory and honor and we are created to serve him.

The second and profound reason that the Holy Spirit revealed was that God knew how dangerous glory can be to we humans. Glory lifts a person and places them higher than others, this gives us the feeling of popularity and eventually we start thinking of what we shouldn’t, our mind begins to conjure up images that glorify us and not God, we begin to think we can reach the status of God. These are misguided thoughts planted by the Devil in our minds through familiar spirits and this is why when we stay rooted in God, our minds are disciplined and protected.

In other to avoid this, God said all glory should be to him, so that He can protect us from the ‘sucking in’ and destructive effect of glory. God is the only one who can receive all our praise and still be faithful and humble to us His children. So when God enables you to do something, do not think that it is your doing alone, but rather talk to yourself and say, ‘glory to God for his favor and guidance that He accomplished this through me’. When you mean it, it becomes one of your keys to being humble. God is not being selfish by saying all the glory should be to him, rather He is being a loving and protective father who would rather loose everything than see his children get destroyed.


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